Monday, 3 May 2010

Complete fail.

That's exactly what I've been these past couple of days.
Told myself I'd do a shit load on my days off and none of it happened. Instead, I've lazed about and done sweet fuck all apart from watch movies and put pictures up on my wall. I'm well chuffed with the picture wall though! Some amazing memories right there!
Plenty more to be added :) I just got too lazy to put anymore up.

Koopa's going crazy to get out so I reckon I should let her run around the bedroom whilst I actually try and tidy it. The cats in the room on my bed though so not sure if I should haha.

Oh, I seen something this morning that made me laugh at how pathetic that individual actually is. I mean, I knew the person was pathetic already, but this just proved more so. There's two posibilities  and both of them are ridiculous. So either way, you fucking lose at life.

Enough of my rambling for now.
Over and oooot.

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