Thursday, 29 October 2009


Had a nice wee day the day :D
Went out shopping, cause it's paydayyyy and I actually think I spent about half my wage :S I'm scared to look in the bank to see how much money I have left.

I bought a few cosy jumpers for winterrrrr, hot pants (which totally defeats the purpose of the cosy jumpers hahah), a few nice wee tee's and a few cardi's and that :D Thennnn, I bought some new Jean Paul Gaultier perfume :) The stuff Div used to buy me. By god, I wish I still had a boy to buy me it. £43!!!! Fuuuuuck hahaha.

Hmmmm, I've been lazy again since I got back from shopping.
Back to work tomorrow too :( But then I'm off for the whole of next week!!
And I think I have the cinema on Sunday and Nando's! Which I'm looking forward to :)
Hmmm, what to wear, what to wear!!!

Anyway, movie time in bed I think!!! :D

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