Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I've spent most of my night ironing my clothes and still, I've not finished. Fuck it though, I always start things and never finish them, so it's only something else to add to my list.

I'm in my bed now, all snuggled and trying to decide what movie to fall asleep to. I'm also waiting on my pay to go into the bank so I can buy that cool as fuck shirt I want :) so hurry your arse Fife Council.

I had some veg and Nando's sauce today, it was faaaantastic :) Was looking at flats in Glasgow/Hamilton too and there's some stunners!! I'm quite excited so I am. Not looking forward to budgets though :/ I like spending money too much. But it needs to be done!

Anyway, I'm gonna hit the hay and stick a movie on :)
Overrr & oooooot.

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