Wednesday, 28 October 2009


So, I skeived work today. Well, not really skeived, as I still do feel ill.
I have a Docs appointment at half10 tomorrow, so I'm staying off work tomorrow too.
Payday aswell, so after the Docs, I'm gonna go out shopping for a few bits and bobs :)
More than likely Dundee, because I can't be bothered driving to Glasgow to come back to Fife after shopping.

Last night, I ended up in bed all day/night and watched 3 movies :)
Jennifer's Body, I Love You, Beth Cooper and Step Up. Mmmmm. ;).

Today though, I felt like I've been lazy far too much, so I actually got ready and went a jog to my Maw's :) Then we went to the shops and got a few bits and bobs. Nothing special really. She got a new car, but I don't like it. But hey!

Was talking to her about moving to Glasgow. She's happy with that. Means she doesn't have to decorate the attic for me :D Hahahha. Saves money AND some time. Lets face it, I'm not kicking about this hell hole if I don't need to. FUCK THAT.

Get me oot eh here, ta.

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