Tuesday, 8 December 2009


So, I went to see Paranormal Activity last night. Freaked me the FUCK out, it's pretty safe to say. At one point, I got that much of a fright, I threw my phone. Funny thing is, the while movie was pretty damn boring apart from like, the last 20mins or so, where it was just fucking radge.

Anyway! I'm well looking forward to this weekend! Missed Rachael like fuck seen as I didn't go through that weekend there. So we're going out and getting fucked on on Friday and then Mariokarting it up on the Saturday if we're not too hungover. Chances in that? EVERY CHANCE, I wanty go Mariokarting!!!

Wee grandaddy's making me some vegetables and Nando's sauce for my dindins, so after that, I'm off down to my Mummah's to make some cupcakes!! <3 Fuck ayee.

Oh aye, me and Rach are planning a wee roadtrip soon to meet up with a few people... Piers being one of them! Soon meaning, like, SOON I hope hahaha. Then, flat beginning of next year which I am tooootally siked for :). Partayyyy every dayyy.

Affskies the now for my dindins :D

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