Sunday, 6 December 2009


So, I'm lying in bed watching Hellboy 2. I've watched hunners of movies lately! Wee loser that I am. It's class though ;)

I thought I was gonna stay in all weekend and save me some cash, but Stuart persuaded me to go a wee drive to Edinbro to his and play some Xbox! Played Gears of War and I obviously had to help him out with the parts he just couldn't do ;) Apart from Raam. Fuck that, I wasn't even gonna try with that big wank, so I left him to it. He eventually got fucked off with it and we watched Public Enemies. Wasn't really paying much attention so kept getting lost with the movie. SWEET!

Back home now and chillin' in my bed with the cat. He's been a wee sook lately. Must be 'cause it's fucking freezing and he needs some body heat hahaha.

Anywhore, bed! I'm on earlies all this week. What a fucking bummer. Especially when I have the cinema in Glasgow with Alan tomorrow! Hella wearing my shorts again, so he can make fun of me wearing shorts in the winter.

Ayet. Over & oooot.

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