Thursday, 31 December 2009

"Hero Mode"

Hahahaha, the past few days have been amazing. Feels like a teaser of how life will be for me and Rachael in our wee flat when the time comes :).

So my Grandad left to go to Italy on Monday. As soon as he left, me and Rachy had a few people over. Craig and James came for a wee bit, and Kenny, his bro and cousin stayed over and we played hide and seek in the dark for around 4 hours, haha!

Stuart and his mate came over on Tuesday and ended up staying and we got pished out our faces. The chat and banter was fucking ridiculous :D. Got no sleep whatsoever though and Stuart kept stealing my duvet and telling me to go make him tea. They left around half1 and me and Rach slept ALL day. Still fucking shattered. Had a lazy one yesterday and I reckon we'll be heading to Larky to bring in the New Year instead of having people around here. Sounds like a better plan tbh.

Hmmmm. I'm loving it.

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