Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Yes. That's me in a nutshell now a days.
I'm oh so very predictable. No-one has to ask me what I'm up to anymore. I'm watching movies and dozing off, it's safe to assume :).

April stayed over last night and we chilled with some munchies and watched a few movies. It was a mission trying to wake her up this morning though! I was running late anyway, so it didn't matter much.

I've been looking at clothes online trying to figure out what to buy with my pay. There's soooo many things I want. Hmm. Dunno if I should spend this pay on me or on Xmas pressies though :S Eugh.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this weekend now :). Out for Div's birthday for a bit on Saturday in Hamilton then heading into Glasgow afterwards :D Then think I'm going to spend Sunday with Div, take him out for a wee birthday dinner or something!

Anyway, guess where I'm going?!
To watch the rest of my movie in bed. Yes. Byeeee.

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