Monday, 9 November 2009


So I've pretty much bailed on this whole keeping things up to date thing.
Can you blame me though? Off work for a whole week, living life the way I should ;). No work, no worries, chilling, getting messy....

So, I went to Div's on Saturday (Halloween) and we were gonna go to Cannibal Corpse, but we bailed and just lazed around. Dropped Chaz and Div off at some Halloween party in Larkhall and headed to Rachael's. Got to Rachael's at about 01.30 and she still hadn't finished work, so I headed down to pick her up, when she finished at like, 2am. Got back to hers and ended up falling asleep :/. I kept waking up when she was on the phone to Chaz, thinking she was talking to me, then dozing off again hahaha.

Sunday, I went to Div's and we headed for a Nando's :) Oh how I missed Nando's quite a bit! Was bloody fantastic. Was supposed to go to the cinema to see Zombieland but he was too tired to wait around so we ended up getting a movie and headed back to his. We watched The Last House on the Left and then both dozed off not that long after it. He was working Monday so when he left, I just went back to sleep. Woke up at about half11 then headed back to Rachael's.

Lazed around for fuuuucking ages, and then at about half6ish? Went and picked up Chaz and partied it up with the smoke and alco. I ended up absolutely fucked out my face, and it was sweet! Hahaha. Chaz tried to make a pizza - fail. Ended up black, he completely forgot he had it in. Master Chef in the making, aye? Ehh naw. Watched Korn - Thoughtless video about a hunner times, it was class. And I figured out who the wee dude was that's in the vid. I was well chuffed. Check his attempt at the pizza by the way, spot on.

Took Chaz home at about 3pm on the Tuesday and me and Rach headed for a cheeky wee KFC :D Love love love. Headed back to hers and from what I can remember, did absolutely nothing :D Watched hunners of movies and that was about it! Same with Wednesday I think? Can't remember. All the days rolled into one.

Thursday (fireworks) we went into Glasgow and bought new hats :D They are wicked btw! Rachael got a pure Russian one ;) hahahha. I well want it now! Anyway, ended up going this this totally awesome shop that had American sweets and that in it, was fucking well good! Candy Shack or something along those lines haha. They had sweet as fuck mirrors that made me and Rach look like even wee'r midgets than we already are. Check it ;).

Anyway, ended up at Chaz's that night and didn't see any fireworks. Kennedy showed up and we all sat and played Nazi Zombies on COD ;) and I got more kills than Chaz and Kennedy. ;) Suck on thattttttttt bitchesss. Headed back to Rachael's at about 3am seen as Chaz was working. And we had a wee munch and watched a movie when we got back :).

Friday - I went and bought myself COD cause Rach was working that night and I didn't fancy being bored and I well got hooked on the Zoobies. So I played that all night until Rach got home :D Thennn, we watched movies I think? Yes yes, I think we did. And had a few drinks. Went to sleep at about 7am?! Hahaha.

And Saturday, well..... That's just another story hahaha. Messy messy times. Messy topless Jacuzzi times. Ended up absolutely hammered and partied it up 'til about 7am when I couldn't hack it anymore hahaha. Hadn't seen Sunny in ages and didn't know he was coming to Rachy's so that was a nice wee surprize.

Sunday/yesterday - Woke up rouuuugh as fuck. Haven't had a hangover like that in a long time. Got all my shit together for going home, seen as I was back to reality (work) today. Tidied up the house a wee bit, it was an actual mess. Like, really really. Headed to Dave's for 3 and we just lay around until about half5 and went and got a cheeky wee KFC :D. Headed to the cinema for the half9 showing of Couples Retreat - It was actually really good. Well enjoyed it. And then I stayed at his and just left for work in the morning. I so couldn't get up :( I hate earliness. Makes me ill as fuck haha.

And now, here I am! In my own house after 8 days gone. My wee beardies missed me, poor wee baba's. Gonna watch movies in bed now :) Only thing is, I'm back to watching movies on my own again :( Boring ol' Fife. Great!

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