Sunday, 25 October 2009

Weekend Update!!

So, this weekend was once again.. amazing.
Possibly the best in a while (which I thought would be impossible).

Left work at around quarter to 4 and headed straight to Rachaels. Got ready and that, had some chinese, listened to some music to get ourselves in a wee good mood and then headed to get the train with a wee pre-drink.

When we got into Glasgow, we jumped in the 1st taxi we seen to take us to the Barras - it just so happened to be the weirdest taxi driver known to man, hahaha. We drove past this little bush that was trimmed into the shape of a fish outside a restaurant and then he started going on about how it was the most stunning fishy bush he'd seen in life, and he'd love to lick and kiss this fishy bush as he.. well.. loved fishy bush apparently. After going on about this one bush for about 10 minutes, he decides to ask us how old we are.. hahahah. Then his response was "Oh yes, you's are legal. Least I won't get done!" and then carried on with his chat.

Finally got to the Barras and got straight in as we were a wee bitty late, got there on time to see the last song from ABR which I was quite gutted at, but we made it for ADTR coming on :D Had a few drinks (btw, do not get a jagerbomb in the Barras - £4.60!?) and then danced my wee feet of to ADTR and sang my heart out to Rachael, hahahaha. BMTH then came on, and I ended up in the pit, with my heels on, some dude lifted me up and threw me right into the pit, where I got a huge bruise on my knee and hip. Sore as fuck btw - rage.

Anyway, turned out I got pretty damn fucking wrecked, didn't get into the Cathouse afterwards and we got Callum to pick us up. We were on the motorway back home and all of a sudden BAM BAM - the wheel fell off the fucking car : We pulled into the hardshoulder and stood at the side of the road (me and Rach wearing next to nothing) whilst Callum changed the wheel. Check this sick shit!

(Insert pic here when home HAHA!)

Got home fine in the end, and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Best Friday I've had in a long time :) Headed out to the Cathouse, got there at about 11pm and it was absolutely DEAD. Sat with a few drinks and this guy that we originally thought was gay, came over and sat next to us and started chatting then asked Rach for a kiss, haha!! Text a few people to tell them to come save us and we ran away and started dancing ;). Danced ALL night, met Stuart a few times who told us a wee story about this weirdo goth lass telling him something about him wearing an ADIDAS trackie top? Can't quite remember the whole story haha. But yeah, the Cathouse consisted of getting wrecked and dancing with a load of people.

When we were outside afterwards, we were talking to Div, Chaz, and ehh, the rest of the crue. Ended up at the Casino with Rachy, Div and Scott - where Div won his money, proceeded to loose it, win it again - asked me if he should quit, then proceeded to loose it again, hahahahaa. :) Ended up at Div's house round about half7, I think? And we stayed up and chatted shit and that :) Had some nice wee cuddles, was nice :) I missed it quite a bitty. Slept until around half 2 and then lazed around in bed and carried on a tad until we decided to go get a KFC :D Which I was totally excited about. Went back to Divs for around an hour, then he gave us a lift into Glasgow at about half6 so we can get a train back to Rachy's seen as she was working :D

I had a fantastic weekend :) Like really really. But I miss him.
Over and out! Rachy's mams making us dinnaaaahhhh.

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