Thursday, 22 October 2009

Oh dear

What the fuck is wrong with me?! That's me hit 2 ragers within like, 2 hours! :| One at the petrol station because I went a penny over 30quid (which is totally understandable seen as I'm so fucking skint!) and another when I decided to hit the rage at the fact I don't know what clothes to take to Rachy's house, which resulted in me throwing my clothes everywhere, stamping my feet and storming off to bed. Which has also resulted in me having to get up FUCKING early tomorrow so I can sort everything out before I go to work.

Why am I such a pain in the arse?! And why am I so indecisive? Slap me!
Piers has been a big help though, trying to calm me down, bless :) haha.

Anyway, out tomorrow! Out Friday! Aberdeen on Saturday :) Nice wee weekend ahead of me, yes.
Gonna hit the hay soon, seen as I shall be up early.

...aye. We'll see if that happens!

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