Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Cupcake making!!

So, I went to my mummah's to make cupcakes with Courtney earlier on, and I've never had so much fun in my life!! Hahahaha. Mummah left me and Courtney to it in the kitchen, and she said we were absolutely hilarious. Then courtney came out with "I HAVE THE BEST PILES!" & then I started arguing with her 'cause mine were totally the best. Dropped quite a lot of things, made quite a bit of mess. But it was all for good reason! They turned out fab! Our Rocky Road was a bit on the messy side, but still tasted AMAZING.

So, this was the start of the Rocky Road, we decided it looked like cat sick or something.
Then it progressed to a big heap and into the fridge to set!

To be honest, it looks terrible and didn't get much better looking than this, but it was fucking ridiculously good. Mummah kept trying to steal it from the fridge. She kept pinching some sneakily until we noticed, and locked her out of the kitchen.

The right side was my messy side :( My ten year old cousin done a better job. But mine turned out better!!!

Courtney had the contents of the bowl in her tummeh..

And I had the ingredients on my face, and down my cleavage (Y).

Popped in the oven!!!

Some intense icing going on, easy seen as I'm the only one taking this cupcake making business seriously!!

Aaaaaand, PRESTO :):):)

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